Eastwood on Birch

My printmaking class has been doing wood cuts and it has been by far my favorite unit. I love working with wood and I love art that’s so kinetic. The process of making art, in whatever medium, is always very theraputic for me. Wood cuts are so involved, its very easy to get absorbed completely in what you’re doing. When I’m done my hands are tired from gripping tools, my back and my legs hurt from bending over my work, my fingers are sore from being pricked with sharp tools and splinters, and I’m covered in wood shavings. I love that feeling.


I did this with the intention of making a print, but never got around to it. I’m glad because it looks much better with the texture and color of the wood than it would with any ink on paper. The birch plywood I’m working on tends to splinter easily, and I’ve given up on fighting it in favor of the rough look it gives. I only wish I could scan it like other art, my camera phone doesn’t do the wood grain justice.


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