A Comparison of Sorts

ivy                        ivy2

As long as you are practicing, you are improving.

I hate keeping my artwork. People who don’t draw get upset when they see you throwing away artwork, but I draw constantly. I’d have to get a storage unit to keep all the stuff. You need to let art go before it can be finished. If you keep it around every time you look at it you start picking it apart, what to fix, what should have been done differently. Sometimes I can’t resist the need to redo drawings.

These are pictures of the Batman villain Poison Ivy, in case you can’t tell. I didn’t think I’d have to preface that but my grandmother saw a picture of her once and thought it was a female version of the jolly green giant.

I’m really amazed at how different these two are. I did the one on the left years ago, when I bought my first set of micron pens. I was really proud because it was one of the first drawings I had done after I started studying anatomy and how to apply bone and muscle structure.

I did the one on the right a few days ago. It’s on the same type of paper with the same type of paints, but the inking was done with a brush instead of a pen.

When I finished the first one I was proud of it, but I’m not anymore, it looks silly. Comparing the two I feel like I should be ashamed that I ever thought that was good enough. How could I be satisfied with something like that, knowing now that I’m capable of better? I have to remind myself that the reason the new one looks better is because of all the practice that came between. There was no way I could have produced something like that before, because I hadn’t had enough practice. That’s how practice works, it’s cumulative, not retroactive.


One thought on “A Comparison of Sorts

  1. A wonderful thing, practice. I have mixed feeling when I look at my old drawings. On the one hand, they look terrible and I can’t imagine why I ever showed them to people. I used to draw people with pointy chins and enormous feet and eyes. But on the other hand, looking over my old drawings makes me proud of the progress I’ve made since then. It gives me the feeling I can always become better as long as I’m willing to put some effort into it.
    I’m impressed by your new version of Poison Ivy (I recognized her without ever having read the comics or anything). The variation in line thickness makes it very dynamic. Keep it up 🙂

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