Forest Adventures for While I’m Busy Having Adventures in the Forest

It might not look like it, but my Tuesday posts take a lot of time to make. The individual drawings aren’t that time consuming, but putting together the whole thing takes some work. I’m going to be taking some field classes for the next few weeks and I’m not going to have time to make regular posts. I hate to disappoint the couple dozen followers I have, but that’s the way it is. Luckily, I’ve come up with a solution that will result in MORE posts, not less!

Not too long ago I worked on a trail crew with the Minnesota Conservation Corps doing construction on the Superior Hiking Trail. I had a great crew. We worked in some amazing places. We camped and worked miles from any roads and in places only reachable by canoe. We broke rocks for days and went slightly insane (seriously, the only other option is to haul gravel). It was amazing and it was terrible. The result is a short comic I’m very proud of. I drew it in our off days, old school with paper and ink. Everyone in my crew makes and appearance, no one achieves anything, everything is an inside joke. I’ll be posting a page every other day. The names of any real people will be blacked out until I decide how I want to balance giving credit where it’s due with maintaining anonymity for myself and anyone I might mention without permission.

Regular posts should resume June 11th

Page 1

You can't cut down a tree with an axe like that


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